Video Production

Jon with the CamcordersDeRamos Media is ready to serve your video production (and editing) needs!  Need an important event (live show, wedding, speaking engagement, etc.) documented?  We’ll shoot it!  Need a promo clip (music video, commercial, presentation, etc.) produced?  We’ll do it!  Need extra hand(s) for your production crew?  We got ‘em!

For example, for a live event, we can provide 3-5 cameras and 2-3 cameramen (perhaps more, if your budget allows).  If your event has a PA system/mixing board, we can connect an audio recorder for added quality sound.

The bottom line is that we’ll work with you — and your budget! — to produce an audiovisual work that both you and DeRamos Media can be proud of!  For more information, please email info[at] or text/voicemail (504) DVD-DRMS.  Cheers!

DeRamos Media Video Production Services!

'Falling Up' Q&A Panel

Multi-camera event videography at the Downtown Independent (theater) in Los Angeles.

Multi-camera wedding event videography in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Music videos, promo clips, and commercials

DeRamos Media can also produce music videos, promo clips, and commercials!