The Reviews Are In!*

Credits*Okay, it’s only one review so far.  However, it is in!  Falling Up, a documentary in which we composed music (credited) and cleaned up the audio (uncredited), was recently reviewed by Mark Bell of Film Threat.  The relevant quote from the review pertains to the audio quality of the film:

“…for a film shot predominantly on the streets of downtown Los Angeles, the audio is strong too. It’d be somewhat forgivable had it not been quite as crisp, but it exists on the ‘clear’ side of the audio quality spectrum most of the time.”


Major props go to the picture editor and sound editor for bringing loads of footage seemlessly together.  Our job was to remove the excess noise, shot-by-shot, to optimize what is heard in the film.  At the filmmaker Stephon Litwinczuk’s request, we purposely left in some audio dirt, to go along with the documentary’s overall theme of homelessness in Los Angeles.  The audio clean-up took at least 100 hours to accomplish.  With the filmmaker, we mixed the dialogue, music, and effects tracks together for this remarkable film!  That being said, we at DeRamos Media consider the above Film Threat quote to be high praise for what we do!**

**Okay, postproduction audio is only part of what we can do for you, here at DeRamos Media!  Anyway, for more information on our postproduction audio services, please visit  Thanks!